January 19, 2012
Dismantling Detroit - NYT Op/Doc

In my mind, no American city hasĀ hemorrhaged more population and manufacturing jobs than Detroit did in the last decade. I once had a college course on the growth of American suburbs (In Detroit’s case, Bloomfield Hills, and all its cousins around the country), and whether the American metropolis was disappearing. During the 2008 Election, John McCain stood before a crowd of Michigan residents and bluntly told them their manufacturing jobs were not coming back. He was ridiculed, but he was right. Mitt Romney on the other hand, stood before a similar crowd, told them he would reinvigorate an obsolete economic engine, and save their jobs.

He won the Michigan Primary.

The voice you hear twice in this video is Thomas Friedman, explaining that while Americans got lazy and clung to its manufacturing sector that was vaporized by the internet and overseas production, every other country collectively figured out how to beat us at our own game. China now controls the manufacturing that America used to do.

The men in this video are in effect selling off pieces of our old economy, to make money. And if there isn’t a redoubling of efforts to figure out what America can create on its own shores, time will run out, as the other voice-over person says. Seems only fitting that Detroit is helping fuel the last gasp of the ghost of manufacturing.